Where willows speak…

Leave this world now, I want to be
solicitous in my own way.
Walk amidst giants, see the shore
sprawling with crab, leap over trees
make a jungle home on the peak.

Trees that bear fruit for us, for free
where creatures rule the night and day.
No things to worry, nor no chore
for whom is this to catch and seize?
But this I’m sure, place is not weak.

Magic is what our eyes can see,
children with joy, happily play
as they go and roam and explore
follow tranquility in peace.
Fragrant jasmines, the place now reek.

Imagination holds the key
else this place will soon fade away.
With that key, open any door
and all the sounds will come to cease.
Go to a place where willows speak.

This poem is of the form ‘Rimas Dissolutas’, in which every line in the poem must have the same number of syllables and no two lines rhyme within the same stanza but same lines in all stanzas rhyme. (Here: be, free, see ,key)

Where willows speak…

Static on the radio.

Left, have we, for the promised land,
Freedom to sing but the dark-hued songs.
Obsolete dreams echo in these straits,as
sufferance shall taste the fruits of peace.

United, the black hounds descend
Will they quench with their iron-fist?
Or will the fires drink the same poison
which shaped their present thoughts?

Still, the insecure question us, for they
dare not look past their shroud of fear.
Nor believe that their mosaic of harmony,
Has now fallen into the concrete of tears.

We are not mere, inane gunslingers,
who play ushers to the orders from above.
We are the hollowed fighters who,
tend to your garden whilst you litter.

Amidst the bullets, we soldiered on,
But has his sacrifice been for naught?
As “Danger Close!” was escorted by,
Silent static on the radio.

Static on the radio.

Cat’s eye dreams.

Feathers aflutter, how she escapes again
is still a wonder as I gave my best leap
How much slier could I be?
God made me with paw and flea.
Who cares? The suspect now flees.

The grass is splendid, fresh cut
Perfect for my little evening strut
Hope that picket fence not too white
for the others down the street,
wish I’m not blanked out of sight.

Comes a time every now and again,
you pray you don’t meet a Great Dane.
Still quite gallant, you make your say
“Think you’re so tough eh, bark mouth?”
And trust you don’t become another cliche.

What joy is greater than
sprawling yourself on his couch?
Perhaps the velvet welcome mat, as it
makes me look like a thorough brat
When I calmly pee on that.

Cat’s eye dreams.

To close a book…

Cold winds blow o’er the north,
shadows of the day dying
into humid night, thoughts wander
Conscience and morale asunder.

‘Tis but a sad comedy I see
in this facade we call reality
overstated set of solutions,
go through the same motions.

Countless words yet finite action
The fabric of sense often misspelt.
Perhaps one does not see
when he’s busy trying to flee.

Time has blissfully numbed all fright
still pious to be bestowed by Him
“Courage to escape death’s hook,
To turn this page, not close the book.”

To close a book…

Anarchy of the self.

The violin moans softly afar
Its cry not for tune but for help
As it lies there untouched, waiting.
The master is now on call-waiting.

The sweet sensation of a melody
Beckons as a passerby, sing along.
He has the songbird etched in mind
But patients ahead, music behind.

Here lies an obsolete being,forgotten
Apt tombstone, for it may not see
another day in joyous exposure
As the writer is now in enclosure.

Why this daft hunger, I ask.
It misleads the innate path.
Avarice, do you know what it robs?
It puts round men in square jobs.

Anarchy of the self.

Funny Little Thing Called Friendship

Even if we are far apart,
I will always be close at heart.
Friendship will neither tatter nor break
Because I will always be your strawberry shortcake!!

For your sake,I will jailbreak,
Reach beside like a namesake.
I will partake in all your aches,
And even intake some of your heartaches!!

No sheikh can retake my uptake,
For you are as sweet as a fruitcake;
If you cry, you bring down snowflakes,
And it may even cause an outbreak!!

Please don’t fret, because I can’t take,
Even the thought of your toothache!!
I can never be a strake or act fake,
Because your heartbreak may bring an earthquake!!

We can always keep in touch,share news breaks,
Although I tend to be your headache!
Anyway, I’ll always be in your wake,
Like a slithering pestering snake!!


Yes. There are too many rhymes in this one. Deal with it.

Funny Little Thing Called Friendship